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We understand the responsibility that parents place in our hands when they entrust their child’s education to us. We are committed to shaping young minds into future leaders who will positively impact society. Our curriculum, which encompasses academics, sports, performing arts and extracurricular activities, ensures that our students develop the skills and confidence to face the challenges of the future.

Our experienced and dedicated faculty members strive to create a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment that encourages student engagement, motivation and success. Come, explore our website to learn more about our school, values and commitment to excellence. Join our vibrant community of lifelong learners and join our legacy that leads.

Welcome to a school with a Legacy that Leads – GEMS Cambridge International School, Hoshiarpur 

Our legacy

spans the globe

From the UK and the USA to the bustling metropolises of Asia and even on the frontlines with the Indian Army, our students have conquered every corner of the globe with their brilliance and leadership. They have made their mark in the world’s most prestigious universities, corporate powerhouses and research institutions, establishing themselves as true champions of academic excellence.

They pass on the legacy to the newer generation, serving as a source of inspiration and propelling the institution’s spirit forward with pride and excellence. Here are a few messages from them.

GEMS Cambridge International School Alumni Achievements

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About Us

Our legacy at a glance

Year of Establishment
Students study at GEMS Cambridge International
year of Establishment
students study at GEMS Cambridge, Hoshiarpur

Alumni leading the globe forward

70% of our students go for foreign universities mostly in Canada, Australia and USA and

30% of our students prefer to pursue their higher education in Indian Universities.

GEMS Cambridge International School, Hoshiarpur’s legacy of leadership and excellence speaks for itself. Our interdisciplinary expertise and cutting-edge facilities empower our students and faculty to make a significant impact on the world.

By connecting learning, legacy and leadership, we provide our students with the necessary resources and support to make a positive impact on society, inspiring them to become leaders in their respective fields. Through innovative coursework, research opportunities and campus activities, we instil a sense of community and purpose in our students

Our alumni, who are leaders across the globe, continue to leave their mark on the world, participating in civic society and leading ambitious lives. At GEMS Cambridge International School, we are proud to nurture the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of our world.

Above all, it is a community of learners, including teachers and students, with a shared vision of holistic development and the fulfilment of life. Furthermore, the school collaborates with individuals and organisations worldwide to inspire cultural understanding, improve human conditions, explore the mysteries of the universe and nurture the next generation of global leaders.

VASAL Difference and Philosophy:

At Vasal Education, our unwavering commitment to our core values lies at the very foundation of all our schools. These values not only serve as the driving force behind our academic excellence but also as a guiding light for our students to become visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Our Core Values

Leading Through Innovation

Find the courage to challenge the conventions

Pursuing Excellence

Work continuously to exceed expectations

Growing by Learning

Strive to develop your potential

Global Citizenship

Celebrate diversity and stay rooted while making an active contribution to the community


Vasal - Cambridge International School ?

Vasal family is a community of lifelong learners – driven by a set of inspiring core values that place the student at the centre. We create a desirable learning environment based on mutual respect, trust and team spirit, engaging parents as partners in providing student-centric holistic education. Vasal schools implement a futuristic curriculum based on skills rather than information, academic research that provides for inclusive education, technology integration and world-class facilities.

Every Vasal Student:

Imbibes core values which are reflected in his / her persona

Is a lifelong learner

Respects his / her culture and celebrates diversity

Values time

Is able to analyse, collaborate, think critically and solve problems

Is creative and innovative

Communicates effectively

Has a scientific enquiry attitude

Has the ability and courage to stand up for a cause, think against the grain and take responsibility for actions

Is a team player who can win or lose with grace and humility

A Legacy of Values


Our ethos is built on several pillars that define who we are and what we strive for. Effective leadership is at the heart of our institution and we firmly believe that committed teachers are essential in shaping the minds of our students. We have adopted out-of-the-box teaching and learning methods, empowering our students to reach their full potential.

High student performance is an essential aspect of our ethos and we have high expectations of our students’ behaviour and mannerisms, nurturing them to become responsible citizens. Additionally, the staff’s professional development is a crucial component, ensuring that our teachers remain up-to-date with the latest pedagogical techniques.

We pride ourselves on creating a loving and caring learning environment, providing our students with the necessary support to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.



A Mission

that Leads

Our mission is to keep fortifying the legacy that leads by

A Vision

that Leads

To be India’s most trusted and admired provider of quality education and professional development, enriching the lives of millions of children and teachers and the communities in which they live.


GEMS Cambridge International School is always in news, be it print or local forums for good reasons and the great initiatives taken by the school management team:

A Proven Legacy -

Awards & Recognition


Most recently, our school was awarded as the school with best infrastructure in Punjab by News18 Channel during a live event ‘Education Conclave’ held by the channel in Chandigarh. Award was conferred by Education Minister of Punjab Sh. Harjot Singh Bains.

Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar – 2021-22 for “Behaviour Change & Capacity Building”.

Swachch Vidyalaya Award to GEMS Cambridge, Hoshiarpur

Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar – 2021-22 for “Behaviour Change & Capacity Building”.


Confederation of Education Excellence (CEE) awarded our school for “Most Progressive School of Punjab – 2017” in an event held at Delhi.

Our School has been accredited by the prestigious “British Council”.

British Council International School Award to GEMS Cambridge, Hoshiarpur

Our School has been accredited by the prestigious “British Council”.

Brainfeed School Excellence Award to GEMS Cambridge, Hoshiarpur

Brainfeed awarded our school as one of the “Top 500 Schools of India – 2017” under “Academic Excellence & Best Infrastructure in Punjab Schools”.

Digital Learning rated us among “Top Schools of India 2018”.

DL Top Schools of India Award to GEMS Cambridge, Hoshiarpur

Digital Learning rated us among “Top Schools of India 2018”.

CEE Education Award to GEMS Cambridge, Hoshiarpur

“GCISH was awarded as ‘Most Progressive School’ by Confederation of Educational Excellence, CCE”.

Meet the teachers

Every Vasal Teacher: