Performing Arts



A purposefully selected sequences of human movement, Dancing, helps students to stay energetic, physically healthy, and mentally stress-free. GCISH get an opportunity to shake a leg at the most contemporary dance floors. With a wooden flooring and mirrors mounted on both sides, every student polishes his/her dancing skills of western, classical and semi-classical under the able guidance of experienced dance gurus.

Art and Craft

Dedicated Art & Craft facilities are available at the school to impart and ignite the artistic and innovative domain of the students mind under the constant guidance of the able staff.


The student orchestra is designed to acquaint the musically inclined with the nuances of playing various instruments. The other benefits are improved teamwork, reducing of stress and increase in self esteem.


Sculpture at its very nature motivates you to create with clay and to be mindful of what you’re creating. Sculpture also gives the student something at the very end of it – it might not be the kind of art or sculpture created by masters, but it’s still tangible, and it’s unique and truly authentic because of that very fact.