CIS Hoshiarpur


Our legacy of breaking away from mediocrity

GEMS CIS, Hoshiarpur goes beyond the conventional template of Science, Commerce and Arts, instead urging students to explore uncharted territories of knowledge and discover their hidden passions. Our faculty members and fellow students offer diverse perspectives and guidance throughout this exhilarating adventure. Moreover, we encourage students to venture overseas for study, research or work, cultivating an inquisitive mindset that prepares them to become responsible global leaders. We aspire to create lifelong learners, all set to make a difference in the world.


The Pre-Primary stage at GEMS Cambridge International School is the beginning step towards school life where children develop their understanding of school routines, gain confidence and develop cognitive and motor skills.

The curriculum is designed to develop essential skills that prepare students for entry into primary school, emphasising multi-sensory modes of learning, language and communication, mathematical and logical thinking, knowledge of the world, emotional & social skills and creative and rhythmic skills.

The classroom setup is specially designed to provide a safe and exciting learning experience and parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education through productive involvement with the school.

Assessment is a continuous process of observing progress and milestones with no formal exams.

Key Features

Development of pre-writing skills essential for legible writing.

Activities such as object printing, sand pit, craft, construction toys, blocks and puzzles used to stimulate fine motor skills.

Age-appropriate curriculum enhances children’s reading, writing, thinking and mathematical skills as they grow.

Children explore real-life objects and environmental processes to stimulate their curiosity in science through an enquiring approach.

Children are encouraged to ask questions and explore ideas.

Art and craft activities/projects are included in the curriculum to develop creativity and other skills.

Stage performances and classroom presentations are planned to help develop the linguistic and communication skills of children in the foundation years.


GEMS CIS understands that true education extends beyond the academic curriculum. We strive to cultivate leadership and a sense of legacy in our students by prioritising their well-being and happiness.
Our curriculum nurtures the development of students in all dimensions of their lives. We provide state-of-the-art resources such as 100% smart classes, activity-based teaching, experiential learning, lab activities, small group activities and a wide variety of co-curricular activities. These opportunities allow each student to discover their areas of strengths and interests and develop their leadership potential.
We expect all our students to show respect and courtesy to everyone around them, creating a supportive and harmonious environment throughout the school. Our education system is modernised yet mindful of the sensitive social issues and values of our country, instilling a sense of legacy in our students as responsible citizens of the future.

Middle School

During Grades 6 to 8, our focus at GEMS CIS is to promote self-dependence in learning. Our curriculum covers Science, Social Science, ICT and other subjects taught in previous classes with an emphasis on individual attention. Group learning is also encouraged, allowing students to work both collaboratively and independently. Through this approach, they develop the skills to set long-term goals for themselves. In addition, we offer various activities aimed at building confidence, evolving personality and boosting morale, including morning and evening sports practices.

Having successfully overcome the challenges of the primary years, our students are now ready for the next stage of their education. We believe in promoting leadership skills and legacy-building by instilling in students the importance of setting long-term objectives and goals. Our comprehensive value-based education facilitates a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Pedagogy for Grades 9 & 10

Integrated and Interdisciplinary curriculum

The curriculum, apart from classroom teaching, integrates practical work, guest lectures, field trips and project work, integrating a rigorous academic curriculum with immersive global experience. Learning concepts are followed by engaging activities. Smart Class Technology in all our classrooms helps to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the real world. Extensive research-based projects are carried out in multifarious subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science and English.

At GEMS Cambridge International School, our focus is to make students learn through a variety of multisensory experiences, including hands-on activities, discussions, debates, creative and critical thinking activities, collaborative research, field trips and multimedia. Students are also given a platform to nurture their talents through subject events such as Math Wizard, Literary Extravaganza, Scientific Cambrians, Youth Parliament and Literary Event conducted for Language II.

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Pedagogy for Grades XI & XII

Senior Secondary curriculum

In this type of schooling, the students will take regular classes and the credits will be based on the performances in the subjects that shall be taught to the students. The school offers the following streams:
The students shall have to choose between any of the above streams to complete their Senior Secondary Schooling. The stream so chosen in Class XI shall be continued to Class XII and no changes shall occur in streams. If at all the student wants to change the stream, they have to do it in Junior Year (Class XI) itself.