CIS Hoshiarpur


Our students enjoy beautifully manicured, meticulously maintained playing fields and sporting facilities, fully-air-conditioned classrooms and conference halls with well-equipped libraries, hi-tech laboratories and an exclusive dining experience. The campus has several playing fields interspersed with grassy knolls, beautiful gardens and tree-lined avenues. Thoughtfully designed, all facilities in the school are within walking distance.

Our approach to education goes beyond traditional classrooms. We provide flexible and spacious subject-based classrooms with technological aids such as PC projectors, cameras and visualisers. In addition, our primary school utilises modular furniture, enabling rapid classroom reorganisation to accommodate group work. These workshops for learning enable us to provide a dynamic and interactive environment that nurtures creativity and innovation in our students.

Infrastructure Built to Lead

Common Infrastructure

A campus built by leaders to build future leaders.

Educational Facilities

Your holistic education is the heart of our legacy!

Sports Facilities

Nurturing a legacy of excellence in sports.


Our school takes the safety and comfort of our students seriously, which is why we have our fleet of 50 buses with a spacious parking area located right across from the school building. These buses meet all the guidelines set by the CBSE and the Honourable Supreme Court of India, including features like Vehicle Tracking Systems, Electronic Speed Governors, High Definition CCTV Cameras and Hydraulic Doors. In addition, each bus is staffed by a team of three individuals, including a driver, a male helper and a female attendant, who ensure the well-being and security of our students during their commute to and from school.

Virtual Tour

Transport yourself to our legacy campus and see for yourself!