CIS Hoshiarpur

Student Life

Creating a rich legacy of memories

Schools are places where memories are made, cherished for life and often recalled during special, happy moments of our lives.

At GEMS CIS, Hoshiarpur each day spent in school brings something new – new learning, new achievements, new experiences – that have an everlasting influence on our lives. The lessons we learn, the games we play and the friends whose company we keep – all go into the making of what we are. We focus on each aspect of a child’s life and not just academic excellence so that every impression it leaves on the psyche of the child is positive, edifying and helpful in building a bright future.

We lay the foundation of our children’s lives, guiding and shaping them gently but firmly and equipping them with the means to thrive in a fast-changing world. School life has never been so pleasant and so fulfilling as we have made it.


GEMS Cambridge International School carefully plans a busy calendar filled with events that contribute to the growth of every child. These events include Founder’s Day/Annual Concert, Sports Day and special celebrations for Mother’s, Father’s and Grandparents’ Day. The school also prioritises cultural development by organising activities such as Gurbani Path & Langar Seva, Navratri Puja and more, aiming to instil Indian values and culture in its students. Additionally, the school emphasises the safe use of technology and regularly includes sessions on Cyber Security in its event list. Furthermore, the school honours meritorious students through award ceremonies, granting them scholarships and recognition for their achievements.

Leading with fun!

Our institution’s legacy is rooted in empowering future leaders. We aim to equip students with the knowledge and resources needed to create exceptional co-curricular experiences, build meaningful relationships and establish lifelong memories. Our focus on fostering responsibility and leadership skills in our students is designed to enable them to make a lasting impact in their communities and leave a positive legacy.


We have implemented the National Cadet Corps (NCC) programme to foster discipline and camaraderie among the student body. As a result of its active participation in various prestigious events, we have garnered recognition and approval from the NCC command for the establishment of the NCC Senior Wing, which permits Senior Secondary students to be part of this distinguished Corps. The introduction of the NCC in 2016 has yielded noteworthy results, with our NCC Cadets achieving remarkable accomplishments within a short span of time.

Anti-Drug Buddy Programme

Buddy Program is a mission to fight against drug abuse in the state. This program has been initiated by the government of Punjab which is a first-of-its-kind initiative. The Buddy Program aims to educate children about the ill-effects of drug abuse and generate positive peer influence. GEMS CIS has formed buddy groups to make youngsters aware about ill effects of drug addiction. On the prevention front, students through the Buddy Program develop knowledge, the right attitude and behaviour along with skills to prevent drug abuse. Our students, under the guidance of their mentors perform and be part of various activities to spread awareness.

Event Results

Besides academics, the school promotes and encourages its students to participate in wide array of activities, sports and cultural events and competitions:

School Student Council

School Results

After School Program

GCISH After-school Programme is committed to nurture the inherent potential and latent talent of students. The prime focus is holistic development of students through experiential learning. The participants of the programme shall choose the specified activities as per their choice and avail the opportunity to be trained by experts.

Highlights of the After-school Programme

    • One session of Academic Enrichment (optional)
    • One session of Chosen Activity
    • Two sessions of Music (optional)
    • One Session of Table Manners & Snacks

Collaboration with Torrins

GCISH After-school Programme is committed to nurture the inherent potential and latent talent of students. The prime focus is holistic development of students through experiential learning. The participants of the programme shall choose the specified activities as per their choice and avail the opportunity to be trained by experts.

This collaboration with Torrins stands as a testament to our commitment to holistic education, nurturing not only academic excellence but also artistic talents, ensuring a well-rounded development for their students.

Notable Achievements

GEMS CIS-Hoshiarpur has undoubtedly made a significant impact in our community by nurturing brilliant minds in a remarkably short period. The achievements of our students are a testament to the exceptional education provided at our institution.

Lieutenant Adity Burmi and Lieutenant Sarvjot Singh, both alumni of GEMS CIS-Hoshiarpur, are proudly serving as officers in the Indian Army. Their commendable performance in the National Defense Academy (NDA) showcases their dedication and commitment to serving the nation.

Gagandeep Singh, another accomplished student, has soared to great heights as a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. His unwavering passion and skills have led him to excel in his chosen field, embodying the spirit of excellence.

Our student Pratishtha Deveshwar not only did her Graduation from prestigious Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi but she made everyone proud when she got accepted at world famous “Oxford University” for her post-graduation. She regularly gets invited by the United Nations for talks where she spreads awareness about the rights of differently-abled persons.

Priyanka, a shining star among our alumni, has showcased her brilliance by securing admission to the renowned IIT Kanpur. Her exceptional academic achievements are a testament to her hard work, determination and the quality education provided at GEMS CIS-Hoshiarpur.

Vishrut Jain has embarked on a promising journey in Automobile Engineering, having been accepted into the prestigious RWTH Aachen University in Germany. His accomplishment reflects the global competitiveness of our students and the emphasis on practical knowledge imparted at our institution.

Harsimranjot Kaur, a student from CAIE, has been recognised for her academic excellence with a $13,000 scholarship at a renowned Canadian university. This achievement not only highlights her intellectual prowess but also underscores the international recognition received by our students.

Pearl Kapur, an esteemed alumni of our school, has emerged as one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the contemporary startup landscape. He founded the cyber security firm known as ‘Zyber 365,’ and his remarkable journey has led to an astounding accumulation of USD 1.2 billion in funding. This remarkable achievement has positioned him among the top 100 startups in India, reflecting his exceptional success in the field of entrepreneurship.

Legacy takes flight! Sanampreet Singh, a Grade 12 Science student from Gems Cambridge International School, Hoshiarpur, has been accepted into the Aerospace Engineering Program at Iowa State University, USA. His exceptional achievement includes the prestigious President’s Award Scholarship for International Student Excellence, totaling $59,000 (₹39 lakhs). Congratulations on taking the CIS Legacy forward, Sanampreet.

Furthermore, a considerable number of our students have chosen the noble path of medicine, pursuing MBBS/BDS degrees at esteemed medical colleges. Their dedication to the field of healthcare reflects the comprehensive education and values instilled within them at GEMS CIS-Hoshiarpur.

The success of our alumni across various domains reaffirms our commitment to providing a nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, character development, and leadership skills. GEMS CIS-Hoshiarpur takes immense pride in the accomplishments of its students and remains dedicated to empowering future generations to realise their full potential and make a positive impact on society.